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We’re well known for our selection of spirits here at Chestnut House. From our popular ‘gin wall’ to a wide selection of whiskies, sherries, rums, vodkas and more, it’s no wonder that we’re a popular destination for connoisseurs from around the country!

All of our spirits are available to buy online or in our Lake District shop in Pooley Bridge. Most of our bottles are a standard 70cl size, but we also have smaller 50cl, and plenty of miniatures – perfect if you want to sample a range of different spirits to find your favourite!

Spirits from the Lakes

Our favourite collection of spirits is those from across the Lake District – our very own home. Whether it’s internationally renowned whisky like those from the Lakes Distillery, or a more unusual offering from smaller craft distilleries, there’s a whole parade of flavours to try out. Look out for award-winners like Bedrock Export Gin, quintessential Cumbrian flavours like Kendal Mint Cake Vodka, and sweet treats such as Pennington’s Bakewell Liqueur.

Non-alcoholic spirits

If you don’t drink alcohol, then you don’t have to miss out on all the fun. We have a wonderfully tasty non-alcoholic spirit in stock too: the Sea Arch Coastal Juniper is a refreshing gin alternative that we’re sure you’ll love. Mix it with a favourite tonic for a ‘Sea & T’ that’ll keep your head clear.

Liqueur, brandy, tequila and more

We’re always blown away by the amount of fantastic small-batch spirits you can find across the UK and even further afield. Artisans are creating a storm with exciting flavours and unrivalled quality. Our aim is to bring as many of them together as possible at Chestnut House so that you can sample all the different options, whether you’re celebrating at a party or kicking back at home after a long day’s work. We’re sure you’ll be as curious as we are to sample the many spirits that we have available to buy online. Just browse our collection below and pick out something that looks great. You won’t be disappointed!

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