Lake District Gingerbread

There’s something absolutely and wonderfully nostalgic about gingerbread. Whether it’s that iconic sweet yet bitter smell that reminds us of baking in a warm kitchen or the traditional gingerbread man shape that made the sweet treat extra appealing when we were children.

Granny Dowbekin’s, one of our neighbours here in Pooley Bridge on Ullswater, is evoking all these happy memories with their delightful gingerbread recipe. Not only do they have the usual fingers and gingerbread men, they’ve also created a unique ‘gingerbridge’ in honour of the old bridge that our village was named after.

What makes Lake District Gingerbread?

Though the exact recipe of Granny Dowbekin’s gingerbread is a closely guarded secret, in a ginger biscuit recipe, you’ll generally find flour, egg, sugar and, of course, ginger. But ginger wasn’t always used in gingerbread! One of the earliest known recipes for this sweet treat doesn’t include ginger at all, and instead uses honey and saffron amongst other ingredients.

Because of the cost of spices back then, gingerbread was a rare treat reserved for the wealthy. But as spices became more common and affordable, the biscuit started showing up more regularly at festive fairs, where it was considered good luck to eat it.

This festive theme has continued into the modern day, with gingerbread often associated with Christmas, especially in the creation of gingerbread houses. Though, personally, we feel you should treat yourself at any time of year!

A gift for others or yourself

Our gingerbridge tins make the perfect Lake District-themed gift to take some home for your friends and family – if you can resist eating it yourself! Or grab a pack of gingerbread men for the kids so that they can let out their creative side and decorate them with colourful icing before gobbling them down (we don’t blame them!).

And, if you’re ever visiting us in Pooley Bridge, don’t forget to pop next door to Granny Dowbekin’s riverside tearooms for more sweet treats and a strong brew to keep you warm!

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