Cocktail Kits

Cocktail kits

Gather your friends together or treat yourself on a night in with one of our cocktail kits from gourmet producer Quai Sud.

Each cocktail kit makes up to 20 drinks so they’re perfect for a gathering, whether that’s a birthday party, pre-drinks at a hen do, or a simple Friday night when you want to celebrate the end of the working week! Get out the glasses and the ice and let Quai Sud do the rest!

About Quai Sud

Quai Sud is a small business based in the Var, France. They opt to use people to create their products, rather than machines, and are inspired by worldwide culinary traditions to bring artisan and gourmet food and drink to us all. Putting people, the environment, and ultimate quality at the forefront of all their creations, we love their products as gifts for our loved ones or ourselves.

Quality cocktail kits

Don’t expect some bottled sugary liquid here. Each of Quai Sud’s cocktail kits includes original, high quality ingredients. You add the relevant alcohol, shake it up, and leave it to infuse for one or two days. Then you’ll be ready to pour and party.

Within our collection you’ll find a whole range of options, so pick your favourite or sample one or two different options. There are popular classics like Strawberry Daiquiris, Gin Cocktails and Margaritas, as well as more mysterious – yet equally delicious – choices including Pink Flamingo and Love Potion.

Cocktail gifts

Our cocktail kits make the perfect gift for someone special. Whether your mum deserves an extra special treat ‘just because’ or your friend is celebrating an upcoming birthday. Pop one of our kits into a gift bag, or wrap it nicely, and any recipient will be absolutely delighted to unwrap the contents. And – who knows – they may even invite you along for a sampling!

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