Buzz Ballz Cocktails Lotta Colada 13.5% ABV



Buzz Ballz Cocktails Lotta Colada 

Escape to a getaway in your living room with the fresh, tropical flavours of a piña colada on the rocks. This premixed cocktail combines the sweet, natural flavours of pineapple and coconut to give you the taste of your favourite summer cocktail all year round.

Buzz Ballz is on a mission is to create fun, innovative cocktails for the world. If they had to sum up their vision statement in three words, it would be: Reinventing Happy Hour.

Plus, all of their products are gluten-free and kosher certified.

On a hot Texas afternoon in the mid-2000s, then-school teacher Merrilee Kick was sitting by her pool grading papers when she had a hankering for an alcoholic beverage. She thought it would be cool to sip a cocktail out of a plastic container versus a fragile cocktail glass

Merrilee came up with BuzzBallz’s signature spherical shape thanks to a memento in her house—a glass votive from a recent family trip. She was at a sporting goods store when a can of tennis balls served as inspiration for a pop-top she could use.

After graduating with an MBA, Merrilee tirelessly researched the industry and took out a loan to launch her company. She enlisted her family to help get the business off the ground and now BuzzBallz are sold across the United States and internationally.

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