Local Producers

Local Producers

Proud to support Cumbrian businesses, we continually seek out local producers to give visitors a real taste of Cumbria.  Our tight knit team know the producers and the provenance of the food and drink we sell – just ask us about the local bakers, chutney makers, and you’ll get an education. Ask us about  beer brewers, spirit distillers and the unique flavours in their gin stock and you will be here for hours!

Low Howgill – a local Butchers & Deli run by husband and wife team Steve and Jennie Allison.  They use meat from their family farm and other local producers, Jennie bakes the pies and pasties herself. Steve is a Master Butcher and often drops off the deliveries and tells us what’s cooking. They’re very creative and always introducing us to new lines. Emma loves their marinated Bombay Chicken. Andrew is very partial to their Sausage Rolls and Darren loves their Ham and Chicken Pies.

Traybakes – Justine and her team are dedicated to the cause of cakes. This small band of bakers have their kitchen just over 4 miles from us and they call in each week with more tempting Traybakes. They’re supplied in individually wrapped bars, boxes, sharing slices and serving trays but it’s hard to decide which are our favourites. We confess to having tried them all. From Salted Caramel Brownie (Andrew’s favourite), and Biscuit Tiffin to the Granola Bar  and All Butter Flapjack. If you are a fan of Wimbledon – you may even have had a slice there.

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