Sea Arch Coastal Juniper Non-Alcoholic Spirit 70cl



Sea Arch Coastal Juniper Non-Alcoholic Spirit


This Sea Arch Coastal Juniper is a deliciously refreshing non-alcoholic alternative for yourself or a thoughtful gift for someone special. Either way, Sea Arch is perfect for any occasion. The stunning marine blue bottles are beautifully presented. To enjoy as a Sea & T, serve over ice in a lovely glass with a squeeze of citrus and a premium tonic. Or mix it up with one of our alcohol-free cocktails!


All of their bottles are recyclable, but with such a beautiful bottle, why let it go to waste? Upcycling is extremely popular with these bottles due to the unique shape, colour and style they bring. Make it into something special like a candle, storage jar (cutting required) or even just refill it!


If you’re anything like the guys at Sea Arch, you’re becoming ever more discerning about what you eat and drink. They first dreamed up the idea of an alcohol-free spirit when they were running their own wine bar by the sea in Devon. Yes, they wanted a drink that was sophisticated and flavoursome, with a sense of occasion. But alcohol and calories? No thank you.


They wanted to feel good in the morning, look after their health and enjoy a guilt-free tipple. With a background in hospitality, working in top hotels in Europe and the Middle East, they knew there had to be a way to create an alternative to alcohol without compromising taste or experience. And so, after much experimenting on their kitchen table, Sea Arch was born.


Bursting with seaside botanicals and as uplifting as a walk on the beach, Sea Arch is a complex non-alcoholic spirit that’s great with tonic or in cocktails. Inspired by the glorious Devon coastline, we hope you enjoy Sea Arch as much as we do.


Sea Arch is named after an iconic rock formation found on their favourite stretch of coastline in Devon. The waves have washed away some of the cliff to create something truly stunning – a natural stone arch in the ocean, made beautiful because of what nature has taken away.


This non-alcoholic distilled spirit is made using traditional distillation techniques. They extract the flavours from each of their botanicals, then the alcohol is gently removed. It really is more beautiful without.


At the first sip, aromatic juniper and bitter grapefruit give a clean, crisp taste. Then comes the sweetness and spice of blood orange and coriander. Their distinctively fresh coastal notes and Devon character are supplied by the wild seaside herbs of sugar kelp and samphire. Cardamon ensures a balanced, warm finish.


Many people are becoming more discerning about what they eat and drink, checking provenance and labels, cutting back on unhealthy foods, sugar and alcohol. They are all trying to be healthier. Sea Arch supports these beliefs and their ingredients are all-natural botanicals, including hand-harvested sugar kelp and samphire, juniper, blood orange, cardamon coriander, grapefruit, lemon and sage.


Living by the ocean as they do, they are acutely aware of protecting the natural world around us. That’s why they won’t ever have single-use plastic in their packaging. It’s why they use solvent-free paint on their bottles. In everything they do, always aim for Sea Arch to have the lowest possible impact on the environment. Let’s just say, it comes naturally to them.

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