Pennington’s Bakewell Liqueur 20% ABV

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Pennington’s Bakewell Liqueur.


Based upon the unique and delicious tart that makes it into the top 5 list of Britain’s most favourite cakes to pair with a cup of tea, this liqueur delivers on both flavour and versatility. On the nose, this liqueur delights with notes of sweet berries and frangipane; the palate is greeted with a tang of sweet raspberry, which is complemented by soft almond and the memories of Granny’s baking.


The classic Bakewell Tart was made with raspberries rather than cherries which is a recipe popularised by a well known cake company in the UK, although Bakewell Liqueur is the cherry on the cake of any cocktail.


There is an on-going argument over which came first… the pudding or the tart – and also over who has the ‘original’ recipe of each with several shops in Bakewell purporting to hold this accolade, however you can rest assured that we created the original Bakewell Liqueur. It is a common misconception that Bakewell tart is made with cherry jam, however the original was made with raspberry jam and we have stayed true to this (and it makes a better drink but don’t tell anyone)!


With strong links to the Derbyshire Dales Pennington’s would highly recommend enjoying Bakewell Liqueur after a long stroll through the rolling hills of the Peak District and preferably in the company of good friends.


Bakewell Gin Liqueur was awarded Silver at the World Liqueur Masters 2020 where they commented that “Marzipan, along with strong cherry flavour, is present in the nose. This cherry comes through again on the palate, with buttery vanilla and almond, which becomes beautifully rich without being too much.”

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