Hazelburn 10 Year Old Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl 46% ABV



Unpeated, distilled three times for ultimate smoothness, and then matured in pure Bourbon casks for a decade; Hazelburn 10 Year Old whisky tastes like a picnic of Werther’s Original, cinnamon buns, cocoa-dusted salted chocolate truffles and baguette with olive oil served up in a pear orchard. A joyful dram for summer days and watching the sun go down.

Once home to some thirty distilleries, Campbeltown was a major player in the world of whisky. However, most of them have long since gone out of business, and now only around four remain. The most famous is Springbank, who also produce the peated Longrow and the triple-distilled and completely unpeated Hazelburn.

Established in 1828 by Archibald Mitchell, Springbank is one of the few Scottish distilleries that has remained in the hands of the founding family, J. & A. Mitchell & Co. Ltd. In fact, it’s the oldest independent, family-owned distillery in Scotland. This family are also the force behind the Glengyle distillery where Kilkerran is made. So really, without that first illicit still set up by Archibald Mitchell and the spirit kept alive by his ancestors, there would probably be no whisky from Campbeltown and Scotch would be all the poorer for it.

Nose: Lemons and gooseberries sit atop a mineralic sheen of flint. With time, musty earth emerges. We’re smelling citrus somewhere between a wet, rocky shore and a dunnage warehouse. Adding water amplifies the damp rocks and adds hints of engine oil.

Taste: With a waxy and oily mouthfeel, the entry is sweet and citric on lemons and pineapple. The mineralic character is still there on the mid-palate, as are hints of salt, forest floor and farmy peat. In the back palate, there is ginger and a little black pepper from the bourbon casks. With water, the citrus gets juicier and creamier – lemon yoghurt – and the mineralic notes of damp seaside rocks are intensified.

Finish: Initially gentle farmy peat, then the linger is a balance of citrus sweetness at the front of the mouth and bitter cask char at the back.

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