Ardbeg Scorch Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl 46% ABV



Limited Edition Fiercely Charred Casks: From the shadowy depths of Dunnage Warehouse 3 comes a single malt of fantastical proportions, matured in the most heavily charred casks. Toasted CLOVES and wisps of sweet PEAT SMOKE interlace with thick clouds of BRIAR WOOD and SAGE. Discover the lairs of flavour in this fire-breathing beast of a dram. 

Bottled to celebrate Ardbeg Day 2021 and Islay’s definitely-real-and-totally-not-made-up flavour breathing dragon, Ardbeg Scorch is a dram with an almost mythical flavour profile. 

The whisky wizards have been hard at work, chanting incantations and conjuring spirits, concocting one of the Distillery’s most fantastical whiskies yet. Matured in ex-Bourbon American oak casks, fiercely charred and packed with smoke, discover lair upon lair of flavour in Ardbeg Scorch.

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