Black Tomato Gin 50cl 42.3% ABV



Tomato with salt and black pepper? No, we’re not talking salads; these are some of the flavours evident in Black Tomato Gin, a small batch artisanal offering from Holland.

Black tomato Gin originates in Bruinisse, a small fishermen’s village with a long tradition in fishing mussels. The distillery faces the clear waters of the Oosterschelde, which provides a few small drops of salt water to each bottle of gin. Apart from the obvious juniper and black tomatoes, the botanicals are kept a close secret by the distillers. Apparently black tomatoes contain a high amount of healing anthocyanen; some believe these antioxidants could help diabetes, cancer and obesity. The black tomatoes used are grown organically by the distillers.

Beautifully presented in a matt black bottle, the gin is both sweet and savoury, juniper providing the peppery warmth, the salt courtesy of a splash of sea water. 

Neat, the sweet fruit of the tomato is evident with the salt and subtle juniper taste. There is also a touch of smokiness, from the secret botanicals, maybe? 


Pairing it with the right tonic was tricky but we settled on Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic, lashings of ice, basil and black peppercorns which made a seriously good G&T. Mix with a splash of vermouth to make a big hitting martini. A Red Snapper (gin’s answer to the Bloody Mary, but better) would be another obvious choice for a cocktail pairing. 

Black Tomato Gin is unique.  Deceptively smooth despite its strength, it is rich, with the sweetness of the tomato fruit evident but not overpowering, being balanced by the spices in play. It would be an ideal accompaniment to seafood. 

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