Bedrock Gooseberry & Elderflower Gin 50cl 40% ABV



Bedrock Gooseberry & Elderflower Gin.

Voted the world’s best premium flavoured gin. A fruity addition to the classic Bedrock taste. Expect tart gooseberry notes with juniper and citrus followed by a smooth floral aftertaste of elderflower.


Drawn back to the magnetic landscape he loved as a young man, Vince Wilkins was inspired to create a gin that captures the enduring beauty of the Lake District. Working with a master distiller Vince perfected a unique blend of botanicals distilled with Cumbrian kiln–dried oak bark, and so in 2008 in the pursuit of excellence Bedrock Gin was born.


A place of moss and rain, wool snagged on wire. Where silence is measured by the calls of sheep and raven. Where the song of water runs deep in the land. Where the wind stirs echoes of things that have always been. Inspired by the quiet magnetism of this beloved landscape and these enduring elements.


That gin is Bedrock. Perfected through the patient craftsmanship of a master distiller, Bedrock is a unique blend of botanicals distilled with Cumbrian kiln-dried oak bark. Bringing exceptional smoothness and clean, accessible warmth to the vibrancy of its botanicals, it is a gin to underline and elevate the moments you drink it in.


The freshness of gooseberry, the elegance of elderflower.
Serve with FeverTree elderflower tonic and ice.

25ml Bedrock Gooseberry & Elderflower Gin
75ml FeverTree elderflower tonic
Cubes of ice
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