Barra Atlantic Gin 70cl 46% ABV



Barra Atlantic Gin


The adventurous spirit of Barra people inspires this unique gin. This award-winning Barra Atlantic Gin is distilled from 17 specially selected botanicals, capturing the essence of their beautiful home. Born from the island, every drop is distilled, bottled and labelled right here on the Isle of Barra. The signature botanical, the carrageen seaweed, is what makes this gin special. Also known by its scientific name chondrus crispus, carrageen seaweed is a red algae native to the cool Atlantic waters skirting europe’s rocky coastlines, including their beautiful Isle of Barra.


Like many of the other seaweed varieties found on the Scottish coast, carrageen is harvested after the spring tides, when the water is furthest from the shore. Once harvested, each piece of carrageen seaweed is washed through with fresh water and left outdoors for 5-6 weeks for the wind and sun to dry or ‘bleach’ as it is known on Barra. Once the carrageen has dried and has changed colour to a light white/purple it is then ready to be used to create this award-winning spirit, the Barra Atlantic Gin.


Barra Atlantic Gin showcases a perfect balance of floral and herbal on the nose, leading to juniper, citrus and dulcet carrageen rolling across the tongue like the mighty Atlantic surf breaking on Barra shores. Refreshing and clean, with a long, gratifyingly warm spice finish that opens out like the vast vista surrounding their beautifully remote home.


Barra’s goal is to capture and bottle the essence of this truly unique island so it can be shared between friends and family everywhere. As the fearless island spirit is enjoyed throughout the world, they are pleased to see their gin celebrated. In 2019, Barra Atlantic Gin was shortlisted in the Scottish Gin Awards and came Highly Commended in the Highlands & Islands Food & Drink Awards. More recently, they have achieved Silver in the International Wine & Spirit Competition 2020, Gold in The Spirits Business Awards and Silver in the San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2021. Out of everything they have achieved on their journey, Barra are delighted to share their home with the world. 



Standing out in the Atlantic on the far western edge of Scotland, you’ll find Barra’s home, their distillery. Distilled and bottled on the remote Scottish Island of Barra, their gin has a piece of their home in each bottle. They are Scotland’s most westerly distillery.


Barra want to welcome you to their new copper still, named “Ada” after a special little lady, that might one day be using this very same still. Custom built & fitted by the incredible team at Forsyths, who travelled up to the Isle of Barra to install, what would be, the first still built by Forsyths, in the Outer Hebrides.


Their Island Spirit is distilled, bottled, labelled and packaged in their distillery located in Castlebay Business Estate, Isle of Barra. Once their Gin has found a welcoming home to go to, their Island Spirit makes a fair journey from Scotland’s most westerly distillery to your home. It’s safe to say Barra Atlantic Gin is a highflyer and enjoys a cruise of the Outer Hebrides before embarking on its journey across the mainland to reach your home. Every bottle is shipped out by their dedicated team, who work round the clock to ensure Barra Gin reaches you safely and efficiently.  


From their first batch of gin back in August 2017 to today, Isle of Barra Distillers continues to operate as a family-run company. The story began with husband and wife Michael and Katie, now the team has grown to six. Their team may be small, but they all work passionately to build and strengthen the Isle of Barra Distillers together. A company so close to their hearts and their Island home is the major drive behind the Isle of Barra Distillers continuous success. 

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