Glaswegin Raspeberry & Rhubarb Gin 37.5% ABV

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Glaswegin Raspberry & Rhubarb Gin

For their first ever flavoured gin, they’ve added raspberry and rhubarb to their signature eight botanical blend, for an uncompromisingly fruity taste. Made with 100% natural ingredients, it is an elegant delicately pink gin with extraordinary length. 

Tasting notes: warm raspberry jam and candied rhubarb dance up from the glass. Creamy, vanilla notes reminiscent of raspberry ripple ice cream. Fresh, crisp orange flower and lemon peel cut through for a refreshing, long finish with a pink peppercorn tingle. 

G&T serving suggestion: Premium tonic, fresh raspberry and mint. 

Alternative serving suggestion: Ginger ale or with your favourite premium lemonade (San Pellegrino works best). 

Glaswegin gin is bottled and distilled in the heart of Glasgow’s Tradeston area, and it was important to them that every element of Glaswegin reflected the city and the people that inspired it. With a nod to Glasgow’s industrial past, the distillery they have used is found under a railway bridge and, coincidentally, their founder spent years staring at the very spot the distillery now sits in while he waited for his bus home from school across the road. The tracks above their distillery used to serve Glasgow’s famous Central Station- linking Scotland’s industrial heart with the world.  

A real thing of beauty, the handcrafted artisan copper alembic still may be manufactured by Al-Ambiq in Portugal but it’s reminiscent of something that could easily have been crafted by the side of the Clyde.

Copper has been used for stills for as long as anyone has been distilling. It keeps the distillate sweet and has excellent heat transfer properties, which helps in distributing heat evenly and in cooling the vapours, to reduce bacterial contamination and absorb unwanted sulphur compounds.

They distil using a traditional direct-fired copper pot still in small batches for maximum copper contact. Increased copper contact makes their spirit famously smooth, as contact with copper strips out impurities in the spirit (sulphites), making an even smoother sip. 

The most important thing for Glaswegin when they were thinking about their recipes was to create a gin that was unique, enjoyable to drink and reminded them of the city of Glasgow and its people. They needed their gin to be all about its flavour, nut fussy or faddy and dependent on garnishes, a gin you could enjoy glass after glass. And because they knew you’d potentially drink more than you realised, their ingredients had to make their gin as gentle as possible – well, as gentle as any alcohol could be!


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