Wolftown Citrus Gin 70cl 40% ABV



IWSC 2023 87/100, Contemporary Gin Bronze Medal award – “Aromas of citrus pith and thyme. A fresh, mellow, creamy palate akin to lemon cheesecake”.

Wolftown Citrus Gin is a summery spirit full of grapefruit and lemon, that crosses the boundary of London Dry and Flavoured Gin so successfully, that it was chosen as a winner in The Gin Guide Awards Flavoured Gin category.

No artificial citrus flavours here – just the whole fruit of fresh pink grapefruit and lemon, to produce a refreshing gin with a silky smooth taste.

Even though we’ve gone big on citrus, the flavour is rounded off nicely thanks to the addition of organic British oats, milled at Little Salkeld Watermill, in our home county of Cumbria. The Med meets Cumbria if you like!

Serve with a classic Indian Tonic water and a sprig of Rosemary and transport yourself to sunnier climes. 

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