Mr Vikki’s Superhot Phall Curry Sauce



Mr Vikki’s Phall Curry Sauce

Phall Curry Sauce – an 18hr Slow Cooked Indian Restaurant Base Curry mixed with UK Superhots, Toasted Birds Eye Chillies, Nagas, Habanero and Chipotle it’s a chilli heads curry.

Mr Vikki’s is a small bespoke multiple award-winning Indian Chilli Pickle, Chutney and Sauce Producer in the beautiful Lake District in Cumbria, dedicated to using fresh natural ingredients.

All recipes are unique and made by Adam Marks. He was an award winning Chef in the Lakes, turned crazy Chillihead and artisan sauce maker in 2005. Everything he makes is made only by him. He makes Mr Vikki’s in small batches from fresh ingredients and freshly milled spices, he doesn’t compromise on quality, using fresh chopped ginger, garlic and various types of fresh chillies. 

Mr Vikki’s are passionate about Indian food and culture and are self confessed chilli addicts.They wanted to produce a product that was natural, hand crafted and most importantly fabulous tasting. Everything they tried just didn’t hit the spot, especially fiery Chilli products, which lacked in flavour or just were not hot enough.

Adam started all the recipes from scratch in 2005 believing they would be unique and hard to copy. He constantly experiments with different ingredients, ideas and types of chillis and Mr Vikkis now has over thirty different products in the range which have won over 110 awards since they started.

Only using the best ingredients that he can find, Adam focuses on creating fresh, delicious and complex tasting products that not only have a serious kick to them but that also deliver on flavour. He loves experimenting with new ideas and some of his experiments have led to amazing recipes, such as the now-famous Banana Habenero which is one of their most popular products.


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