Lindisfarne Blod Mead and Cherry Wine 70cl 14% ABV



Lindisfarne’s new ‘Blod’ Mead is an inspired mead which is a lovely special blend of Lindisfarne Original Mead and Cherry Wine.

Lindisfarne Mead is produced using traditional methods at the winery on Holy Island. This heady fortified wine uses honey sourced worldwide to create the perfect balance.
While it has a very pale appearance, the taste of Lindisfarne Mead yields a subtle acidity with a medium body of sweetness. It achieves dry-sweet balance, that gives this drink a more refreshing taste than other meads. 

Lindisfarne Mead

The company traces its production back to the late 1950s.The inspiration for Lindisfarne and its traditional meads dates to the 7th Century and the rich ecclesiastical history of the Island from the time of St Aidan’s monastery founded on the Island in 643AD: indeed, aspects of its mead production date back even further to the time of the Roman occupation. Our branding incorporates the striking graphics and distinctive visual signature inspired by the magnificent Lindisfarne Gospels crafted by Bishop Eadfrith on Holy Island at around 700AD. 

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