Igneous West Highland Dry Gin 70cl 40% ABV



From the volcano a new spirit rises.

Igneous West Highland Dry Gin, is a distinctly clean and crisp Juniper forward gin with aromas of floral heather, zesty lemon and complemented by fruity Rowan Berries.

“Our beautiful bottles are crafted in our little ceramics studio, fired in small batches and finished with care & love by Katie. Each bottle is a true original & never ever ordinary. Our bottles due to the slip casting process are made oversize and can actually hold a volume of over 90cl, so please don’t be alarmed if they seem a little light. We do this to guarantee each bottle can hold the required 70cl which is filled by our volumetric filling machine.” 

Each bottle is completely unique and most bottles have markings on them as a result of the casting process, we call these the bottles “Birth Marks”. Each one is unique meaning no two bottles are ever the same. The can present as blocks of colour or beautiful swirls on the stoneware, making each a work of art.

Perfect Serve

Ice Cubes
50ml Igneous Gin
Premium Tonic
Lemon Peel


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