Coffee Care Guatemalan Maragogype Ground Coffee 227g



Coffee Care Guatemalan Maragogype Ground Coffee

The Team at Coffee Care take coffee seriously. All they talk about is coffee – they love it. So if you love it too, you’re in the right place. They’ve been delivering award-winning coffees and services to the trade for 40 years – that’s possible because they are a second-generation family business.

They sell, and have always sold, speciality and high-grade coffees, teas and hot chocolates sourced ethically from around the world. Paying fair prices is all part of that process but it doesn’t stop there. How their coffee is roasted, packed and delivered matters and their day to day activities are carried out with a conscience. Their small business is undergoing major changes as the provision of more environmentally sustainable options become available. This has always been, and will always be, an ongoing commitment for them.

As well as achieving a respectable 11 Great Taste Awards to date and a coveted SCAE Gold Cup Award, over the years they have built up a range of accolades including “Best Yorkshire Beverage” for their Three Peaks Blend, Best “Business to Business Wholesaler”, and selected as “Editors’ Choice” by the Fine Food Digest on multiple occasions. Whilst they don’t think they need awards to demonstrate the quality of their products they do understand that they provide independent validation for anyone that doesn’t know them as well.

An exceptional coffee notable for its distinctively large bean, thought to enhance its stunning qualities.  Notes of tropical fruit, almonds and a hint of zesty citrus. Luxury in a cup.


Maragogype is a rare find on most farms due to the limited altitude and climate ranges the plant seems to favour. In fact it was first discovered as a mutation. Large in size and considered desirable, often referred to as the ‘ELEPHANT BEAN’, the tree has exceptionally large leaves with the fruit ripening red. Our Guatemalan Maragogype grows over 1300 METRES above sea level and is sourced from the main growing regions of Coban, Huehuetenango and Antigua.

To experience this coffee at its absolute best, we recommend using one heaped dessertspoon per cup. You can experiment with this by playing with the dosage of water and coffee to suit your taste for each different blend or origin and brewing method. You can brew with filter, chemex and V60. For cafetiere add fresh water just off the boil and allow the flavour to develop for 3-4 minutes.

Great Taste Judges’ commented: “Lemon zest on the front followed by fruity notes in the middle and raisin, almonds and marzipan at the end. Really enjoyable and well balanced.”

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