Cargo Cult Spiced Rum 70cl 39.5% ABV



Cargo Cult Spiced Rum 

Cargo Cult Spiced Rum Tasting Notes: Winter spices and fruit cake, citrus, ginger and a little cocoa.

Cargo Cult is a spiced rum made with Oceanian sugarcane and is a blend from Australia, Fiji and Papua New Guinea. It is particularly good as a long drink with either coconut water, ginger beer or cola.

Named for Melanesian beliefs held on remote islands that John Frum, probably a corruption of “John from…” (American serviceman having visited during the second World War bringing with them goods such as cigarettes, tinned food and some basic medicines), will one day return to bring prosperity once again. This Oceanian spiced rum is made with rums from Papua New Guinea and Fiji that are blended and spiced in Australia.

Inspired by a belief from the South Pacific islands… that a stream of never-ending abundance that will appear from the heavens, if you believe…

US troops arrived on isolated pacific islands during WWII with a never-ending supple of magical goods… Coca Cola, cigarettes, chewing gum, Jeeps, weapons, medicines… In the eyes of many astonished islanders with little contact with the outside world… this was a miraculous occurrence.

When the troops left as quickly as they arrived, the flow of Cargo stopped, leaving many islanders yearning for a return to abundance. On some remote islands, Cargo Cults formed and prayed to various deities for a return to the never-ending supply of magical cargo. On some islands Cargo Cults are still patiently waiting…

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