Bottega Latte Macchiato Cream Liqueur 50cl 15% ABV



Bored of Bailey’s? try this over ice, ice cream, in a coffee or hot chocolate!

“It is a creamy liqueur,  pleasantly sweet and with a moderate alcohol content,  combining the intense aroma of coffee with the delicate elegance of milk. A blend of coffee beans is carefully selected to obtain the best bouquet  and taste. The beans are crushed, instead of grounded, to avoid an excessive stress of raw materials, which would affect organoleptic  characteristics. They are then soaked in water and alcohol for 15 days and stirred daily; they are finally filtered and stabilized. The result is a completely natural coffee tincture, which is mixed with a sweet and velvety milk cream. With a final touch of grappa, Latte Macchiato Bottega gains a particular aromaticity, making it unique and  unmistakable.”

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