Botega Caramel Cream Liqueur 50cl 17% ABV



Bored of Bailey’s? Try this over ice, ice cream, in a coffee or hot chocolate!

“It is a creamy liqueur, pleasantly  sweet and with a moderate alcohol content, characterized by  an intense aroma of caramel. “Dulce de leche”, also known as “milk jam”, is a typical South-American  cream prepared with milk and sugar. According to the legend, it was created by mistake in Argentina, in the 19th century, when a cook left a pan with milk and sugar on the stove. The same ingredients, with  different proportions and cooking times, are used to produce toffee. Dulce de leche and toffee are both characterized by a typical aromaticity, softness and creaminess. These are also the  main traits of our Caramel, created with ingredients carefully selected to reproduce the aromas of the traditional sweets which inspired it.”

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