Tirril Brewery Grasmere Gold 3.9% ABV



Tirril Brewery Grasmere Gold


Tirril Brewery Grasmere Gold is another renamed beer, this golden bitter was originally called Brougham Ale and used Lord Brougham’s magnificent coat of arms as its pump clip image. Sadly outside of Penrith the name “Brougham” proved difficult for people to pronounce! So after the success of Ullswater Blonde, Grasmere Gold arrived, in the style of the greatest of British drinking ales, light and easy drinking, like all our beers. Flavoured with three British hops which give this subtle beer good character.


Based in Long Marton, near Appleby, Tirril Brewery offers fine traditional ales, refreshingly crisp pilsners & a range of spirits. It turned out by chance that the current Tirril Brewery opened exactly 100 years after Siddle’s the last brewery in Tirril had closed….


Tirril Brewery was founded to create authentic British Beer for a traditional British Inn using only the finest British ingredients. Today they still do not compromise those basic principles. How they make their ales, lagers and gins, is still based on quality and locality now complimented by excellent service.


Tirril Brewery use only the best ingredients, almost exclusively British, with the aim of making the finest beers without followiung trends or using gimmicks, but simply good old fashioned, beer flavoured beer, from hops, malt and pure Eden Valley Water. Tirril believe that beer is at its best locally – all their customers are within 50 miles of the brewery. They deliver everything themselves direct from their cold store into their customer’s cellars. Tirril strive with all aspects of their brewery, brewing environment, deliveries and service to be of the highest standards. They do not want to be the biggest or the most profitable brewery, just the best that they can be.

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