Tirril Bonfire Toffee Gin 70cl 40% ABV



Tirril Bonfire Toffee Gin 


Tirril’s Cumbrian Hedgerow & Farmhouse Gins, made in collaboration with Solway Spirits are small batch distilled gins.


Flavoured with Grandma Howarth’s delicious bonfire toffee, made in the 200 year old farmhouse adjacent to Tirril Brewery.


Tirril Brewery met Andrew Emmerson of local distillers Solway Spirits at a tasting event in 2018, where they were at adjacent stalls. They struck up an immediate rapport, both discussing their belief in authenticity of products and their despair at some of the mass produced synthetic spirits that were flooding the market at that time, masquerading as quality gins. It wasn’t long before Andrew had agreed to make the base gins to combine with the hedgerow produce that they foraged to produce their range of very Cumbrian gins.


As Andrew explains, experimentation is their passion at Solway Spirits (right up there with testing the gins…). He and Kate started in their garage in 2010 on a homemade still. Now they produce their gins with two 120L alembic stills incorporating “gin baskets” for collecting superior flavours in their spirits.


For the base gins that compliment their fruit syrups Solway Spirits use their favoured botanicals of juniper berries, coriander seeds, angelica, lemon peel, orange peel and orris root.To add to the Lakeland character of their gins they have been supplying Kate and Andrew with wild juniper berries that they have foraged from the juniper bushes that still grow across the Lake District. Many of their gins are hazy, as to preserve the flavour of our syrups they are only lightly strained, leaving both fruit and flavour in the gins.


Andrew has worked wonders with whatever flavours they have suggested and is now heavily involved in producing specially designed “house gins” for several of their customers. In keeping with their ethos of quality and authenticity all of their gins are 40% abv, proper full strength real gins.

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