The Lakes Whiskymaker’s Editions Miramar 70cl 54% ABV



The Lakes Whiskymaker’s Editions Miramar.


The Lakes Distillery have in recent years released single malt whiskies in two series: “The Editions” and “The Whiskymaker’s Reserve”. The “Whiskymaker’s Reserve” series is the heart and core of the whisky production at the distillery with a heavy sherry influence, whilst the Editions have been released to demonstrate the capability of the distillery to explore the artistic nature if the whisky making and blending process. 


Portuguese for ‘sea-view’, time advances, shadows lengthen, and the conversation meanders as the day drifts into dusk.Big skies and panoramic ocean views progressively, irreversibly, transform before the very eyes. Sundown, moon up. Old friends surrendering themselves to evolution, letting destiny take care of itself. With a delicately complex sweetness and layers of intricately woven flavour, Miramar is bursting with stone fruit character contrasted with comforting vanilla and hints of gentle spice, dried Morello cherries cavort with Santa Rosa plums. Fresh apricot perfumed elegance fills the warm sea air, with cinnamon, honey and toasted malt featherlight on the ocean breeze.


Exceptional diversions from The Lakes sherry-led house style, The Whiskymaker’s Editions are special-edition single malt whiskies which showcase whiskymaker Dhavall Gandhi’s sense of adventure in cask selection, maturation, and blending. Each unique bottling is an expression of creative freedom, the product of a playground where instinct, experience and inspiration roam free, coming together to realise one intrinsic objective; the creation of outstanding flavours. 


The Lakes practises holistic whisky making, with the whiskymaker at the helm throughout the journey through the distillery and beyond. His single-minded focus at every stage provides continuity of character; their assurance that every flavour possibility is achieved.


The idea if distilling being distinct individual elements is not how a whiskymaker looks at the art. Rather it is part of a continuum, a net of possibilities where everything is interlinked. Change one element and the effect will change everything else. Only by understanding how flavour are created throughout the journey through the distillery will the whiskymaker fully comprehend the possibilities. That is why at The Lakes, unusually, their whiskymaker Dhavall Gandhi is actively involved at every stage. It is holistic whisky making. 


With only 600 individually numbered bottles available, The Lakes Editions Miramar is a fruity and lively single malt whisky, designed to be enjoyed alongside great conversation with good friends in a beautiful environment.


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