The Lakes Single Malt Whiskymaker’s Edition Volar 70cl 52% ABV



Designed for the curious whiskey drinker, the rich, intense characters of the whiskey maker’s Editions stimulate deep thought. They offer a unique experience for the whiskey lover.

Volar literally means flying and The Lakes Distillery used the Cantabrian Mountains as a source of inspiration for this whiskey. Here the eagles soar through thermal currents, above vibrant green forests and fast-flowing rivers.

Such striking symbols of strength and power, yet elegant and seemingly weightless, the Volar is the epitome of both its inspiration and the dual influences of mountain wine casks and sherry casks.​ (Mountain wine here refers to wines made at altitude).

Taste note

This whiskey is simultaneously uplifting and vibrant, understated and fragrant. It is a fruity whiskey with tremendous depth, rich in berry compote and dates.​

Fragrance: Fragrant sandalwood, Medjool dates and honeyed notes.

Taste: Orchard fruit, berry compote and lingering spice.

Finish: Lively and complex.

Non-chill filtered, bottled at natural color and 52%.

A core of sherry casks (including Oloroso, Fino, PX and Moscatel)
Spanish mountain wine barrels (aromatic, floral, light wine from the mountain region of Malaga)

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