The Lakes English Vodka 40% ABV

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The Lakes English Vodka. 


Ultra smooth, retaining the distinctive characteristics of British wheat, with a clean crisp finish. Patiently distilled in The Lakes handmade copper pot still. The Lakes ultra-smooth English vodka retains the distinctive characteristics of the finest British wheat for a sweeter, more rounded flavour. Distilled just once in their bespoke copper pot still using on the purest water from the Lake District National Park home in a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  Uncomplicated, simply beautiful vodka.


The Lakes Distillery supports different causes with its different spirits. The Lakes Gin supports the Cumbria Wildlife Trust and The ONE blended whisky supports Great North Ambulance. If you buy a copy of The Lakes Vodka, part of your money will go to fix the fells, an organisation that helps to maintain footpaths in the Lake District and to repair damage caused by erosion. If you like walking in the Lake District as well as drinking vodka (though hopefully not at the same time), then you know which vodka to buy.

The inspiration of The Lakes Distillery’s art is nature:


The Lakes has long been a crucible for creativity, a place in which the imagination can flourish. It isnโ€™t preserved in aspic, a place of nodding daffodils and naughty bunnies, but a challenging place where questions can be asked, new ideas formulated, something which goes deeper than picture box prettiness.


Wordsworth returned here because it was the only place he could formulate his radical thoughts about poetry; his fellow poets joined him because in the wildness they found the Romantic ideal of the sublime that challenged conventional thoughts of beauty. It didnโ€™t stop there, countless artists, authors, philosophers and musicians have found in the Lakes a place where their vision can be fully manifested. It seeps into every word, note or brushstroke.


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