The Lakes Elements Whisky 140cl 54% ABV



Embark on a journey into the mind of our Whiskymaker and discover the secrets behind the art of sherry cask maturation.

Elements, an exclusive collection of 7 individually numbered whisky components, offers a unique opportunity to explore the distinct flavors and aromas imparted by various sherry-seasoned oak casks. Each component represents a distinct sherry style, from the delicate Fino to the robust Oloroso.

As you savour each component, you’ll uncover a symphony of flavors and aromas, from the delicate sweetness of Pedro Ximénez (PX) to the sharp acidity of Manzanilla. Limited to just 1,368 sets, Elements is a must-have for discerning whisky connoisseurs seeking to deepen their understanding of this exquisite craft.

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