The Feisty Biker navy strength gin 70cl 57% ABV



The Feisty Biker navy strength gin.

This is the third gin from Jaunty Camper and common thread of botanicals runs through this gin, but this time the basil has been distilled into the gin to give the clean fresh finish that we loved in the Jaunty Camper perfect serve.

Where gins one and two reflected the reality of her life (more or less), gin three has a touch more daydream added – I do ride a motorbike, but the Feisty bike represents a major upgrade and is the big ask on Yva’s wish list for future days!

Taking the artwork in a different direction this time sees the Feisty Biker heading out on adventure from Strathaven bandstand towards the heathery hills and lochs of the north while the iconic hot air balloons make stately progress overhead.

This is not a gin for the faint-hearted – at its navy strength of 57% it certainly has some oomph to it … much like the bikers she knows!

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