Taste Of Cumbria Liqueur Selection



Taste Of Cumbria Liqueur Selection


Treat yourself, friends or family member to a luxury Taste Of Cumbria Liqueur selection from all around the Lake District.


  • 1x Mint Drinks Brambleberry Gin 5cl (Created using a blend of Blackberries, Raspberries and Blueberries to make a gorgeous pink gin.)
  • 1x Mint Drinks Kendal Mint Cake Vodka 5cl (The only drink in the world to actually contain the famous   “Romneys Kendal Mint Cake”. A luxurious smooth spirit drink with a unique flavour profile.)
  • 1x Mint Drinks Gingerbread Vodka 5cl (The flavour profile has incredible similarity to the famous gingerbread biscuit from The Lake District A delicious after dinner sipping drink.)
  • 1x Pennington’s Bakewell Liqueur 5cl ( An inviting and versatile liqueur with a tang of sweet raspberry complemented by soft almond and the memories of Granny’s baking.)
  • 1x Pennington’s Kendal Mint Cake Liqueur 5cl ( Inspired by the legendary Kendal Mint Cake, the liqueur was developed by blending fresh peppermint and smooth chocolate, focussing on a great mouth-feel that delivers a burst of mint at the front followed by a complimentary astringent chocolate flavour. )
  • 1x Kin Toffee Vodka 5cl (Deliciously smooth vodka, hand blended with rich caramel tones and finished with a subtle kick.)

Hamper contents may vary slightly subject to stock availability.

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