Solway Spirits Ginsignia Navy Strength Gin 57% ABV

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Solway Spirits Ginsignia Navy Strength Gin. 


Solway Spirits is an Award winning distillery. It is a true micro craft distillery, located on the beautiful, majestic and windswept coastline of the Solway Firth in south west Scotland. Owners and distillers Andrew and Kate have a lifelong passion for innovative thinking and love to push creative boundaries. All products are distilled, hand bottled and labeled here at the distillery, using the finest ingredients sourced from British suppliers. The still is almost never silent, with an accumulation of concoctions and experiments distilling. Copious tastings are required from the dedicated team, and only the very best make it to the bottle.


Solway Spirits Ginsignia Navy Strength Gin is created using 14 specially selected botanicals. There is an initial floral bouquet from the hibiscus and rose petals which gives way to a zesty hit from the lemon verbena and citrus peel. The finish is a soft smooth and warming gin with a final lingering dry edge from the juniper. Enjoy this navy strength gin with a quality tonic and a lemon twist to garnish.

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