Sixtowns London Dry Gin 70cl 40% ABV



Sixtowns London Dry Gin


Sixtowns London Dry Gin comprises delicate infusions of botanicals to create a spectacular drink. Their unique blend of botanicals gives rise to an exceptionally smooth and satisfying classic London Dry making their gin perfect for neat sipping, a classic G&T or in cocktails. Sixtowns hope they elevate your gin drinking experience to an all-new level. Enjoy!


Sixtown’s story began in the city of Rezekne, Latvia, where their founding brothers’ Great-Grandparents began distilling from grain. The two brothers, Vitalijs and Alex, grew up watching their grandparents growing grain and using secret family recipes passed down from generation to generation to produce fine spirits.


In 1998, they moved to the heart of the country in Stoke-on-Trent and were inspired by the city and its rich cultural heritage. Made up of six neighbouring towns and renowned as the ‘World capital of ceramics’, the area’s reputation for high craftmanship appealed to their sense of perfection.


It was here that Vitalijs and Alex turned to their own heritage and began selling state-of-the-art Genio distillery equipment. Having served well over 100 distilleries across the country and armed with their extensive experience and industry knowledge, they combined their mutual love for crafting spirits with their family’s secret recipes and set out on a mission to create an artisan gin that encapsulated the refined craftsmanship of Stoke-on-Trent… and Sixtowns Gin was born.

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