Puerto De Indias Orange Blossom & Peach Gin 70cl 37.5% ABV



Puerto De Indias Orange Blossom & Peach Gin


Puerto De Indias Orange Blossom & Peach is a delicious gin that inspires you to discover new sensations with its harmonious notions of peach, elderflower, and orange.


Puerto de Indias is the leading Premium gin brand in Spain’s strawberry gin segment, and a pioneer in creating the first gin from natural strawberries. This is how the Pink Gin category was born and brought with it a flavour revolution and a new way of drinking gin.


The combination of know-how and innovation, added to the dedication, artisan production and care in the unique distillation process have led to the creation of a product with a distinctive personality that has become the first globally successful Spanish gin, with presence in more than 40 countries.


It is the story of two Sevillian brothers who, following their intuition and love for their land, decided to buy one of the oldest distilleries in Andalusia which was about to close: Los Alcores de Carmona, the birthplace of the first Andalusian pacharán.

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