Piston London Dry Gin 70cl 42% ABV



Piston London Dry Gin


Piston London Dry Gin is a distinguished mix of time honoured technique and classic style distilled in Worcestershire to create a smooth, exotic and inimitable flavour. Piston distillery was founded in 2018 at the old Worcester porcelain works on the banks of the River Severn. This world famous canal network was once responsible for bringing exotic spices from all over the world to the midlands. 


Inspired by classic engineering and an appreciation of mechanics, Piston’s 14 botanicals deliver a unique taste. The impart a realm of flavour. A touch of smoke and spice with waves of subtle sweetness rounded off by bold citrus notes. 


A strong spirit of adventure meant that no stone was left unturned in our search for the perfect combination of rare ingredients. From the first feel of their sculpted industrial bottle, to the satisfying sound engineered into the rich flavours and captivating aromas of their award winning distinguished gin. 


Piston Gin has been awarded prestigious Double Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze Medallions at the 2019 San Francisco world spirit competition. 

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