Pennington’s Gingerbread Liqueur 21.5% ABV

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Pennington’s Gingerbread Liqueur.


This warm and spicy flavour that dates back centuries is the smooth combination of ginger and sweet pastry to deliver a liqueur that lends itself to being drunk by itself or as an accompaniment to a longer drink. The nose delivers hints of sweet butterscotch that carry through on the palate with a slight hint of lemon.


Pennington’s commissioned a very talented and passionate artist, Faith Garvie, to produce artwork for the label of this Gingerbread Liqueur. Faith moved back to Liverpool in 2017 after living in Arizona for most of her formative years and became impassioned by the vibrancy of Mother Nature that she had long missed in the dust bowl of the Sonoran Desert. The result was an ink and watercolour of the ginger flower which now adorns each and every bottle.Gingerbread Liqueur is a sweet and spiced treat.


Queen Elizabeth I popularised the sweet and spicy bread in the 18th Century and the story goes that she used to make the gingerbread men and women to resemble the noble visitors that she received in her Palace. Apparently she received some quirky delight from seeing them eating themselves!


Married together with your favourite Spiced Rum to make a contemporary Dark and Stormy, as an addition to a Moscow Mule or simply on itsโ€™ own over ice,

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