Nemiroff De Luxe Rested in Barrel 70cl 40% ABV



Nemiroff De Luxe Rested in Barrel is a premium product created according to the authentic recipe. Vodka rested in wooden barrels absorbs spiciness, light sweetness, astringency of the oak core, and the rich wooden aroma. The drink’s taste is full of unexpected hints and exclusive accents.


Bartender Spirits Awards, The DBSB Autumn Tasting 2020, Vodka Masters 2021
Nemiroff is a Ukrainian vodka brand with a 150-year history presented in 5 continents. Its production dates back to 1872 in Nemyriv town, known for the largest Podillia distillery opened after reconstruction. The principles in which Nemiroff Company follows until now were formed 150 years ago: high quality standards, keeping with ancient recipes, constant production improvement, and search  for new flavours.
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