Langtons No.1 Gin 70cl 40% ABV



Langtons No.1 Gin.


Langtons No.1 Gin is an extraordinary triple award winning gin made from the pure, natural water of Skiddaw, Lake District. Filtered through 450 million year old slate, they have made a truly distinct gin that is full of flavour yet at the same time subtle on the palate. 


Originating in the Lake District, famous for it deep valleys, slate topped mountains and lush countryside Langtons have sourced water that is pure as well as soft. Local Botanicals, including seasoned bark from ancient Lakeland oak adds a character and completes everything, creating a gin that is subtle to the taste and is stand alone amongst other gins. 


Langtons bottle takes its design from a piece of slate right from the source of Langtons. This piece of slate provided the cue for each contour marked around the bottle. If you listen, the wide neck offers that wonderful deep glug when pouring a healthy measure. 


The secret blend of the botanicals include ancient Lake District oak bark acting like a cream in a soup. The oak bark amongst other botanicals also accentuates the properties of the unique soft water used to create Langtons No.1 Gin. The water provides depth and substance due to its age. The purity of the water provides for the fresh, crisp, clean taste and the ph of the water gives the slight sweetness balancing the blend of the botanicals. The colour of the gin is exceptionally bright and very clear. Enjoy Langtons on its own over ice or as part of a gin cocktail. 


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