Kin Toffee Vodka 20.3% ABV

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Kin Toffee Vodka

Inspired by the stunning surroundings and a passion for the great outdoors, this smooth blended vodka has been created with rich caramel tones and a subtle kick to be enjoyed however you want. This delicious hand blended, small batch vodka is produced in the heart of the Lakes.

Kin toffee vodka combines a rich blend of both toffee and caramel, plus well-distilled vodka. It has a 20.3% alcohol content, and its origin is the Lake District in the well-known Cumbria. It is a neat drink. Many people go for a first taste only to go back for the entire large bottle. Its taste is rich and you can tell the nutrition content of all ingredients just from the first sip.

It is taken best at room temperature or chilled. A few people try it with lemon in an attempt to try and make it more interesting. It is suitable for vegans and can also be used in cooking. This hand-blended drink promises you a great time with friends and family. It is also a great choice of a classy drink, or even for an office party setting.

If you are looking for a holiday drink for your family, Kin toffee vodka should be one of your go-to drinks. It also comes in great packaging that shows diversity and knowledge of a well-blended drink. It is a great gift as well. You can enjoy it in small shots depending on your preference, or have it as  cocktails for dinner with friends.

Kin toffee vodka is easy to fall in love with because of its sweetness. It is especially ideal for people who are not so good with the hard-bitter options. The drink is great for people with a sweet tooth or if you are looking for another naturally blended drink, this is a great choice.

Also included as part of our Taste of Cumbria Hamper.


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