Kandy Kitchen Chocolate Orange Brownies



Kandy Kitchen Chocolate Orange Brownies


These are Kandy Kitchen Creations normal brownies, however with half the chocolate exchanged for Terry’s Chocolate Orange pieces which give this a real orange flavour to the traditional brownie. Delicious!


In the summer of 2017 Karen and Andy the creators of Kandy Kitchen Creations stayed with friends in Canada. It was a rural, farming community and there were craft fairs and markets where local produce was showcased. Local people shared and combined their homegrown products too! They hadn’t seen anything like this in the UK. So they set about working out if they could source natural ingredients and combine them into an attractive, easy to make package, resulting in their amazing soups, stews, risottos and puddings. And Kandy Kitchen Creations was born.


Kandy Kitchen Creations directors Karen and Andy Turner are also celebrating after a successful pitch on the popular BBC show Dragons’ Den on Thursday (20 January). The husband and wife team from Rochdale won the ‘New Business of the Year’ category at the 2019 Rochdale Business Awards for their innovative range of ‘Super Simple’ food products – prepackaged soups, stews, risottos and dessert – and their business has gained in reputation and size each year since.


The Turners entered the Den, seeking a £50,000 investment in exchange for a 20% stake in the business. After deliberations, Peter Jones – who said they’d “come up with a cracking good idea” – offered them half the money for 16.75% of the company, adding that two dragons needed to invest because Karen and Andy “need a lot of support.” Peter’s offer was matched by Deborah Meaden, agreeing that two dragons would be beneficial.


However, Touker Suleyman – who had earlier said their soup was “phenomenal” – also wanted to invest. He offered to pay one third of the money for 11% if Peter and Deborah could agree. Karen and Andy were overjoyed as one third of their business was split between the three dragons for investment. Today, there are 20 varieties of soup, stews and risottos as well as 11 puddings. Their products are stocked in over 40 garden centres, delis and farm shops across the UK, plus attending events and markets. 



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