Jim Lowther’s Lake District Blended Honey 340g



Jim Lowther’s Lake District Blended Honey.


Singing the song of the River Lowther, the willow catkins and wildflowers skirting its banks call out to the bees. The bees gather nectar form along the river and sing back with this citrusy Jim Lowther’s Lake District Blended Honey.


‘Honeybees are the canary of land management: if they are thriving it means you must also be looking after the environment well.’


For many years, Jim Lowther has had a passion for bees – and in 2015, he began to farm them himself. Five years on, there are nearly 500 beehives across the estate and Jim Lowther’s Honey has become a popular local product.


Bees are a great indicator of the wellbeing of the land they inhabit. More bees come and more honey is made when there are more flowers and trees to pollinate. Bees have three seasons of production: the spring harvest which consists of nectar mainly from arable crops and early trees species; the main summer harvest, nectar of plants such as clover and trees such as limes; and the late season harvest, nectar from heather once the bees have spent time on the fells.


Bees are now an integral part of the estate plan. With extensive planting of new trees and creation of new grasslands, the Lowther Honeybees can enjoy a more varied diet, thus increasing their yield.

Our Lowther Castle honey products include Blended, Heather, Blossom and Bampton Valley.


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