Jaunty Camper Gin 70cl 42% ABV



Andrew & Emma met Yva (and Jasmine the campervan) by chance at a VW festival. With a shared love of both gin and campervans they just had to have her fabulous range of artisan gins!

The Jaunty Camper Gin has a clean green scent suggestive of the freshness of garden herbs and on first taste there is an initial roundedness to the flavour where the botanicals present as a cohesive group before the earthy sweetness gives way to the crisp fresh, almost umami lightness of the seaweed. This verdant green note is balanced by the cardamom’s light smoky warmth encapsulating the pleasure of campfires on summer nights. There is just enough underlying sweetness in the gin to ensure no lingering darkness to the palate, rather the finish is a return to the celebration of the freshness of the juniper’s bond with the fresh green notes which are the Dulse seaweed’s hidden depths.

The Jaunty Camper Gin stands its ground as a neat drink, but takes on a maturity of complex flavours when paired with a traditional tonic and up-levels once again with its intended garnish of fresh basil which celebrates the surprisingly crisp, savoury dimension that comes from the sea.

Those with nut allergies should be aware that pistachio is one of the Jaunty Camper Gin botanicals.

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