Isle Of Raasay Gin 5cl 46% ABV

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Isle Of Raasay Gin


Isle Of Raasay Gin is a handcrafted Scottish island gin that combines ten carefully chosen botanicals, including Raasay juniper, sweet orange peel, lemon peel, and their triple distilled spirit. Bottled at 46% using water from their well, this is the first legal spirit from an island rooted in centuries of illicit distilling. Every drop of their Scottish gin is lovingly distilled, bottled and shipped direct from the Isle of Raasay.


Local botanist Dr Stephen Bungard helped them hand-pick only the finest Raasay juniper on the island. They crafted the perfect balance of flavours by distilling the juniper along with a select few botanicals in their copper malt spirit still, and vapour infusing the rest in their copper gin basket to retain their vibrancy. Raasay’s distillers make the cut when the citrus reveals itself and collect only the “heart” of the run, the very best quality spirit.


The creation and presentation of their Scottish island gin is inspired by Raasay’s impressive geological variety, their unique water source, island shores and state-of-the-art distillery. A fusion of tradition with contemporary thinking, process, and design. That’s the Raasay way.


NOSE: Fresh and aromatic, with juniper, sweet orange, candied lemon and hints of rhubarb.

PALATE: Dry with bursts of juniper, richer rhubarb and citrus notes before all the flavours harmonise together for a refreshing finish.

FINISH: Dry and zesty, with a lasting aftertaste that encapsulates Raasay’s style and character.


You simply can’t go wrong with this handcrafted Isle of Raasay Gin and your favourite tonic to create your perfect serve Isle of Raasay Gin & Tonic. Serve with ice and thin strips of orange zest, expressing the oils into your glass and around the rim to highlight crisp citrus notes. A refreshing, classic gin cocktail

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