Infrequent Flyers Glenrothes 12 70cl 58.7% ABV



“The ‘Infrequent Flyers’ range is a series of single cask bottlings of Scotch whiskies, sourced from the many distilleries throughout Scotland. Our bottlings are predominantly single malts, though now and again we release a single grain. These whiskies are all bottled in their most authentic form – un-chill filtered, at natural colour, and usually at cask strength.
Each single cask that is bottled is unique – they are one-offs, and by their very nature only generate a limited number of bottles. Once they’re gone, they’re gone…
Unusually, we don’t include tasting notes on our labels – this is by design, rather than error! Whisky is quite subjective; everyone has their own opinion as to what they experience in a particular dram. We don’t want to tell you what to look out for – but will let you figure it out yourself. We do, however, use a little terminology to provide some guidance – on the front label we categorise the style of the whisky, as either Classic (i.e. non-peated), Peated (i.e. smoky, phenolic), Triple Distilled or Wood Finish (where the whisky has spent some time maturing or finishing in different wood, such as a sherry cask, for example). This may be somewhat of an over-simplification, but it provides a starting point – the rest is up to you!”

Release number 50 bottled in June 2021 from an outturn of 265 bottles.

This Glenrothes was distilled back in 2009, and matured for twelve years in a Marsala wine cask before being bottled by Alastair Walker as part of the Infrequent Flyers series.

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