Infrequent Flyers Benriach 10 70cl 58.8% ABV



“The ‘Infrequent Flyers’ range is a series of single cask bottlings of Scotch whiskies, sourced from the many distilleries throughout Scotland. Our bottlings are predominantly single malts, though now and again we release a single grain. These whiskies are all bottled in their most authentic form – un-chill filtered, at natural colour, and usually at cask strength.
Each single cask that is bottled is unique – they are one-offs, and by their very nature only generate a limited number of bottles. Once they’re gone, they’re gone…
Unusually, we don’t include tasting notes on our labels – this is by design, rather than error! Whisky is quite subjective; everyone has their own opinion as to what they experience in a particular dram. We don’t want to tell you what to look out for – but will let you figure it out yourself. We do, however, use a little terminology to provide some guidance – on the front label we categorise the style of the whisky, as either Classic (i.e. non-peated), Peated (i.e. smoky, phenolic), Triple Distilled or Wood Finish (where the whisky has spent some time maturing or finishing in different wood, such as a sherry cask, for example). This may be somewhat of an over-simplification, but it provides a starting point – the rest is up to you!”

Distilled at Benriach in June 2011, this single malt was filled into a single oak cask, where it was left to rest for a decade. In September 2021, independent bottler Alistair Walker opened up the cask, releasing a total of 272 bottles for the Infrequent Flyers series.

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