Great Corby Tizzie Whizie 500ml 3.5% ABV



Great Corby Tizzie Whizie 

Great Corby Tizzie Whizie is a light citrussy ale with a fruity and refreshing palate, named after the infamous Tizzie Whizie.

From Grain To Glass – The Great Corby Process. Everything starts with the hunt for quality ingredients – over the years their journey has taken them around the world. From all corners of the UK and to far-reaching, international pastures. Once they’ve treated their water to suit the particular style of the beer – the mashing begins, both by hand and stand allowing the malt enzymes opportunity to convert starch to sugar. After some integral rinsing and boiling Great Corby add delicious hops gradually to increase, bitterness, flavor and aroma – then it’s off to the fermentation vessels! It’s now yeast’s time to shine – with her help the sugar is turned into the all-important alcohol content. Once they’ve hit the right balance the beer is left to condition for 7 days in their casks. And that’s it! It’s now off to the pub, tap the cask, pour the perfect chilled pint and indulge with friends, family and maybe the odd stranger from time to time!

Great Corby beers are well known for their slightly lower ABV, making them an easy favorite with sessional drinkers out to enjoy a good few hours in the local country pub. A welcoming brew – many a Corby Blonde has been sunk by a roaring fireplace with man’s best friend snoozing beneath an iron legged, round top.

It’s no secret that the 4 main ingredients of beer are water, barley malt, yeast and hops. Great Corby have taken the time to ensure that even the basic ingredients arrive to them from the highest quality sources in the UK and from international pastures.

Taste preference and pallet experience differ for all of us. Creating variety and flavour encompasses the artistry and skill set of the brewer. The Great Corby range of core beers is eclectic enough for all to enjoy and is complemented throughout the year with our seasonal and guest ales.

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