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Gin Mare Capri


Gin Mare Capri was conceived as a homage to one of the most iconic spots of their Mediterranean, sharing a hint of its unique citrus aromas, its breathtaking landscapes and its vivid colours. Its natural wonders merged with its unique Italian style, its fresh gastronomy and array of aromas make Capri one of the most captivating places in the world.


Made with Italian bergamot from Calabria and lemons from Capri, along with Gin Mare’s four principal botanicals – Arbequina olive from Spain, rosemary from Greece, thyme from Turkey, and Italian sweet basil – Gin Mare Capri brings the very essence of the Mediterranean and the island of Capri to life through its authentic fresh citrus flavor profile.


Becoming a gin expert is about more than just drinking it. By going one step further to understand the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys’ you’ll become a real expert. Scent, colour, taste, reactions, sensations… There’s a reason for everything. Want to know what they are? The guys at Gin Mare have nothing to hide.


We know that besides enjoying yourself, Gin Mare also forms part of your lifestyle. Here you have information on the more technical aspects of their gin, so that you make it your own!


Gin Mare is characterised in large parts, its spiciness, its aromatic herbs and citrus notes. Although it is commonly associated with clove, aromatic compounds such as eugenol are also present in other ingredients such as basil or orange peel.


Botanicals such as rosemary, lend Gin Mare a woody scent known as pinenes, which is a key odorant also found in juniper berries, the primary ingredient for most gins.


Juniper berries contain another herbal, aromatic note known as beta-myrcene, which is also present in basil and thyme. Italian sweet basil imparts certain anisic, balsamic (cinnamon-like) and camphor-like aromatic notes to our gin. These three notes are present in varying degrees across all varieties of basil.


Whereas Thai basil contains more anise odorants, African blue basil has more camphor odorants, and cinnamon basil, as its name suggests, has more cinnamon odorants. Lastly, the small, black Arbequina olives impart a distinctive savoury element, rounding out its fruity, herbal notes with their fragrant green grassy, tomato-like aroma.


The balance of Gin Mare’s traditional ingredients, together with Arbequina olives, basil, thyme and rosemary, combine to create an aromatic profile which is remarkably different to other gins. These extra aromatic components deliver the added benefit of allowing you to pair Gin Mare with a wider range of foods and ingredients than other gins.

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