Gin Bothy Original 70cl 41% Vol



Gin Bothy Original

AWARD-WINNING: A classic London Dry style gin. Their premium Original Gin was awarded a two-star Great Taste award in 2017.

HAND-CRAFTED: All of Gin Bothy gin’s originate from their small distillery in the Angus Glens. Created in small batches of 300 bottles per distillation in a 200 litre traditional copper still, the Gin Bothy hand-turns and hand-batches as part of its production process.

UNIQUE FLAVOURS: The Bothy Original Gin is lovingly infused with the finest Scottish botanicals including heather, milk thistle, pine needles, hawthorn root and rosemary. Smooth and savoury. Their Bothy Original Scottish Gin is also 100% natural and 100% sugar free.

SIGNATURE SERVE: Perfect neat at the end of the day or with a tonic and orange to bring out the citrus botanicals.  Add rosemary if you wish to complement the herbal botanicals within this delicious Scottish Gin.

CULINARY SUGGESTIONS: Popular as an accompaniment to lamb dishes.

ABV: 41%

To some, a bothy is a refuge on the hills… an old stone building offering shelter when the clouds roll in or darkness looms. It’s a pause on a Highland journey, a sanctuary.  A place where travellers converge as kindred spirits, and hip flasks are passed around. A place of stories.

To others, in Scotland’s eastern lowlands, it’s a traditional home for farm workers. A source of comfort and warmth in days gone by, after a day of toil. A place for rest and reflection. To the guys at Gin Bothy, it’s all these things, and more. Their business was born into the bothy culture. Based in the Angus Glens of Scotland, they hold dear its values and traditions.

For them, it’s a way of life that resonates down the decades. One to prize, embrace and protect. Past generations in rural Scotland were proud guardians of the land, protectors of a unique heritage. In everything Gin Bothy do, they pledge to keep that connection strong. It’s why they use traditional methods of production: every bottle is numbered, batched and poured by hand. It’s why they source local produce: they use fresh Scottish berries, rhubarb and other ingredients for their fruit infused gins.

It’s why they are often found in the great Scottish outdoors, gathering pine needles, heather and other botanicals for their products. And it’s why their team of local people is proud to be packaging and dispatching Gin Bothy products to customers around the world. Even the design of their Gin Bothy bottles – strong, solid, resolute – evokes the values of old.

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