Fell Brewery Helles Lager 4.6% ABV 440ml



Bavarian style lager

Unfiltered, unfined in the classic Bavarian style, our Helles is lager as it should be. Itโ€™s smooth and moreish with all the complexity that comes with many weeks of cold maturation. A cold one of these on a Friday evening always keep us coming back for more.

Vegan friendly.

Rooted in Cumbria

This place is in our blood, and we know how lucky we are to live here. For better or worse, Cumbria itself cuts to the very heart of what we do. Its landscapes, climate and communities shape us in a way thatโ€™s difficult to fully comprehend, unique and inimitable. We have always been of this place. Join us, as we explore what that does, should and can mean in future.

A Journey to Truly Sustainable Brewing

Founded in 2013, weโ€™ve always been in it for the long haul. Having a positive impact on our environment and community is integral to what we do. Our path to authentic sustainability will be far from straightforward, but there is nothing of greater importance to us. We want to set an example in how we do things; environmentally, socially and economically.

What motivates us?

We take huge pride in the fact that a Fell beer will always be the product of a small, passionate team who are committed to what they do and genuinely have fun doing it. We make beers that we ourselves want to drink and pour our heart, soul and creative energies into our craft. The same spirit permeates our venues. Go and see for yourself.

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