Downpour Coast & Croft 70cl 40% ABV




A citrus forward gin, with a vibrant nose and wild umami sea to finish. Pepper dulse seaweed from the coast and wild thyme from the croft. Downpour Coast & Croft is a big, bold gin with botanicals you can taste in every drop. A G&T that is drenched in island flavour.

Kate & Jonny started North Uist Distillery in 2019, the result of a long held dream to build a vibrant new distillery on their island home.

As islanders, both of their families have long held ties to the area – earning a living from both land & sea. They wanted to honour this proud tradition whilst also creating something exciting and new, looking for a way that they could create new employment opportunities, attract more visitors to the Outer Hebrides and bring back Whisky production to the place they both were born.

Everything they do at North Uist Distillery Co. is inspired by their beautiful island surroundings. A keen surfer, one of Jonny’s main driving forces for running his own business was to be able to take a break and go surfing whenever the waves are good. For Kate she love nothing more than diving into the sea for some open water swimming – the perfect way to blast the cobwebs away. Having both grown up on the island they know that their surroundings are important. For us, it’s all about making a good life for yourself and for others too and that’s exactly what they aim to do here. That’s why people are such a big part of their story and integral to all that they do. The humble & hard working nature of island life inspires them to be the best in all that they do while never forgetting to enjoy the journey along the way.

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