Brack ‘n’ Brew The Rambling Bookkeeper 500ml 4.1% ABV



Brack ‘n’ Brew The Rambling Bookkeeper.


Brack ‘n’ Brew The Rambling Bookkeeper ha a mellow honey aroma with a moderate hop bitterness and a sweet roast malt taste. 


Welcome to Brack ‘n’ Brew – Ullswater’s very own brewing company. Their brewhouse is at the Brackenrigg Inn, where they’ve converted an old stable block behind the Inn into a microbrewery. They brewed the first beer back in 2015 and, when they found a recipe that they really liked, their Boathouse blonde was born.


Brack ‘n’ Brew now produce 5 different ales, all of which you can enjoy at the Brackenrigg, or you’ll find them as a guest ale at a selected handful of places in the Ullswater area.


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