Cuckoo Craft Gin Selection



Cuckoo Craft Gin Selection 

The Cuckoo Craft Gin Collection consists of three 20cl bottles. The perfect gift for a gin lover to experience sampling three of Cuckoo’s delicious Gins. 

1x 20cl Cuckoo Sunshine – Buzzing with natural honey produced on Cuckoo’s farm by Lancashire Honeybees, and infused with mouthwatering raspberries, this refreshingly smooth Cuckoo Sunshine Gin is a wonderfully sweet and summery spirit. This is a traditionally distilled gin, which is strong on juniper and lemon, almonds and vanilla give a creamy, nutty and sweet taste, whilst angelica, orris, cinnamon and orange keep it nice and traditional.

1x 20cl Cuckoo Solace – With soothing, mellow and comforting aromas, Cuckoo Solace Gin is a savoury combination of home-grown botanicals, teamed with olives and vibrant flavours of lemon and fresh grapefruit. A well rounded, juniper-rich gin featuring a savoury combination of rosemary and lemon thyme from Cuckoo’s farm, teamed with Nocellara and Cuquillo olives and lemon, with big hits of fresh grapefruit. Completing this offering are classic gin botanicals that include liquorice, cassia, cardamom, almond, coriander and orris root. A percentage of profits from each bottle sold is donated to Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust to help raise awareness of Cervical Cancer Screening.

1x 20cl Cuckoo Supernova – Cuckoo Supernova Gin is exploding with fresh grapefruit and pomelo. A naturally flavoured gin set to be the star of the summer. A 100% real citrus fruit Gin with no added sugar, naturally blush coloured at a punchy 44% abv. Clearly grapefruit on the nose with those lovely notes of Juniper we expect from Gin. When served with a premium Indian tonic and a glass full of ice, you’ll be hit with wonderful notes of fresh grapefruit and pomelo which blend perfectly into a crisp and ultra refreshing G & T. Enjoy with the company of friends, we’ve all earnt it.

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